Curatorial statement

My curatorial interest is based on researching to delve into issues related to time, distance, proximity; to question the power and the potential that art might have in our society. Using cultural conflicts and our close context that are revealed in the definition of collective and individual identity, I talk about an art which is heir of its time and it place. I am concerned to know the contexts in each place to be able to research into the relevant points and working with local artists as well as building a global project that talks about our society. These kind of curatorial projects look to involve the audience and invite them to take part in the exhibition. It is true that we can not change the world but we can throw questions to try to attain visibility and significant issues that sometimes could be in darkness. Furthermore, I understand each of my curatorial projects as a point of contact with every idea and place where I am working so I wold like to suggest global ideas that start in such designed context.

Ana García Alarcón